16 Jan 2020. Peter Bobbert co-author of the Nature paper

“Classification with a disordered dopant atom network in silicon”

The paper shows that devices exploiting the correlated hopping of electrons on a network of boron dopants in silicon can perform complex classification tasks, like written character recognition. This can lead to a new platform for Artificial Intelligence.

Tao Chen, Jeroen van Gelder, Bram van de Ven, Sergey Amitonov, Bram de Wilde, Hans-Christian Ruiz Euler, Hajo Broersma, Peter Bobbert, Floris Zwanenburg and Wilfred van der Wiel, ‘Classification with a disordered dopant atom network in silicon’, Nature 577, 341–345 (2020)

Link to the paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-1901-0