National and International Projects

At M2N we are involved in the following national and international projects and consortia:


Research Center for Functional Molecular Systems (FMS)

Gravitation Program

Spinoza Prize awarded to Rene Janssen

Computed multiscale design of nanowires for thermoelectrics (COMPNANOTHERMO)

Computational sciences for energy research initiative

Perovskite crystallization for stable and large scale printable solar cells

Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC)

Tailoring spin-interactions in graphene nanoribbons for ballistic fully spin-polarized devices (TAILSPIN)

Graphene Flagship


Towards lead-free organometal halide perovskite solar cells for steel substrates

High Tech Materials (HTM) program of NWO in conjunction with the Materials innovation institute (M2i)


Interreg Project

European School on Artificial Leaf: Electrodes Devices (eSCALED)

ITN-project CORDIS

Towards high-efficiency hybrid tandem solar cells

Joint Solar Programme III

Room temperature ferromagnetism in hydrogenated epitaxial graphene

Evolutionary computing in nanomaterial networks

Advanced EELS for unravelling the enigmas of strongly correlated electron systems

Master equation modeling of organic light-emitting diodes (MEMOLED)

Molecular-scale model of pattern formation in EUV lithography photoresists: towards ultimate resolution limits (MM2ULTIM)

Perovskite based photodetectors

Holst Centre

Large-area nano-structured electronics for energy harvesting (LANE)

KAUST Competitive Research Grants (CRG) Program