Tom van der Pol

PhD Student


In 2016, I received my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, from Eindhoven University of Technology, with the predicate Cum Laude. My bachelor thesis involved the fabrication, using CVD, of a FeS2/MoS2 heterojunction for water splitting under solar irradiation and was supervised by dr. rer. nat. J.P. Hofmann. Afterwards, I started my MSc degree Chemical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology, sub-track Molecular Systems and Materials Science.

This master-track culminated in my master thesis project in the group of Rene Janssen on ‚ÄúControlling the doping level in a conducting polymer for application in enhancement mode organic electrochemical transistors‚ÄĚ. After which I enjoyed a 5 month industrial internship in San Jose, California at IBM Almaden Research Center. My research at IBM was focused on gold nanoparticle-based gas sensors.

Currently, I am a PhD student in the group of Rene Janssen. Here I am working on semi-transparent and optically enhanced thin-film solar cells. My work consists of device fabrication and solving manufacturing issues as well as theoretical modeling