Matt Dyson



I completed a BSc Joint Honours (1st class) in Physics and Chemistry at Durham University, graduating in 2010.  I then did a Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Cambridge University before teaching physics for 2 years at a school in London.  Following this, I returned to academia with an MRes (Distinction) in Physics (Plastic Electronics) at Imperial College London, and have almost completed my PhD at the same institution, supervised by Prof. Natalie Stingelin and Prof. Paul Stavrinou.

My PhD research focussed on processing/structure/property relations in conjugated polymers, specifically looking at how optoelectronic properties could be manipulated though blending with insulators, as opposed to making changes to chemical structure.  This interdisciplinary project required a wide range of experimental techniques, from grazing incidence x-ray scattering to low temperature and in-situ spectroscopy.  Within the M2N group at TUE, I am continuing to look primarily at conjugated polymers, through developing a photothermal deflection spectroscopy system to measure very weak absorption, which gives an insight into the nature of charged species and trap states – we propose to explore the relationship between these states, microstructure and charge transport.