Lana Kessels

Master Student


In 2019, I received my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Eindhoven University of Technology. My bachelor end project was in the group of Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials and Devices (SFD) under the supervision of dr. Michael Debije and prof. Albert Schenning. In this project, I used ultrasonication for the fabrication of water-responsive liquid crystalline flakes and incorporated these in a host to create 3D-printable optical sensors.

After the Bachelor, I started the Master Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, with the Molecular Systems and Materials Science track. For my electives, I choose courses on molecular photophysics and nanomaterials. As my interest in solar cells increased, I decided to join the M2N research group for my master thesis. Under the supervision of prof. Rene Janssen and Alessandro Caiazzo, I am working on the fabrication of 2D perovskite solar cells with new organic spacer molecules. This project allows me to combine synthesis with characterization of the perovskite material.