Edward Imhof

Master Student

I’m Edward Imhof, now a second year Master student on the Molecular Science and Materials Chemistry track. I have previously completed my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of technology with the predicate “with great appreciation”. My main focus in my Master and Bachelor has been on polymer technology, nanotechnology and solar energy. For my Bachelor thesis, I have researched the possibility of aligning liquid crystals in patterned substrates on the nanoscale in the group of Albert Schenning. Furthermore, I have worked in the m2n group as a student assistant. My main focus with that job was to characterize different organic materials as a conducting material on transistors (OFETs) under supervision of Mengmeng Li. I have just completed an internship at IMEC Leuven where I have researched the possibility of replacing copper with platinum-group metals for future technology nodes.

For my Master thesis, I will research the effect of many different parameters on the CT band shape by characterizing a wide variety of solar cell devices consisting of several polymer blends. This project will be supervised by Robin Willems