Bardo Bruijnaers

I completed my BSc study of Applied Science at Fontys hogescholen Eindhoven in 2005. After that I worked in industry for two years as a quality control laboratory technician performing mostly HPLC, UV-Vis and FTIR analysis on produced veterinary medicines. After two years I found that this work did not provide sufficient challenges and growth possibilities for me and decided to go back to academia and start a MSc study at the Eindhoven university of technology. In 2014 I finalized my master’s degree with a graduation project in the group of Prof. Albert Schenning (SFD) on the subject of directional luminescent solar concentrators and obtained my MSc Chemical Engineering and Chemistry degree “with great appreciation”. Currently I am a PhD candidate in the group of René Janssen (M2N) at the TU/e on the subject of perovskite solar cells, their characterization, optimization and production processes are my research topics.

Bardo did his PhD Defense June 28th 2018