Alessia Senes

Alessia Senes was born in Carbonia, in the sunny island of Sardinia (Italy), where she spent her youth. She studied electronic engineering at the faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Cagliari, where she graduated in 2008. She did her master thesis in the research centre IMO (Institute for Materials Research, Hasselt, Belgium), in the framework of the Erasmus project, on the topic of organic electronics.

In 2009 she started working in Konarka (Linz, Austria) with research focus on polymeric bulk heterojunction solar cells.

In 2011, Alessia moved to Eindhoven, and since then she works at Holst Centre. Until 2016 she worked in the OLED program, on the topic of multilayer solution processed small molecular OLEDs. She then moved to the perovskite solar cell team in Solliance, where she now works as research scientist on the topic of stability of perovskite solar cells.

At the end of 2012, in parallel with her work as researcher at Holst Centre, she started a PhD in the group M2N, under the supervision of René Janssen and Dr. Stefan Meskers. Her research focus is the study of orientation of transition dipole moments in small molecular emitters as a tool to improve the efficiency of OLEDs.

Alessia did her PhD Defense May 14th 2018