Former members as of 2017

PictureNametaskgraduation datetitle
Andrey GorbunovPhD Defense10-01-2018Ferroelectric Switching Phenomena in Organic Dielectrics and Semiconductors
Annelore AertsMaster student23-03-2017The application of wide band gap conjugated polymers in single junction polymer solar cells
Eric SchiepersMaster student25-09-2017Photo- and electroluminescence studies on lead-based perovskite semiconductors for photovoltaics
Chunhui DuanPost-Doc
Tom van der Pol Master Student 28-02-2018Controlling the doping level in a conducting polymer for application in enhancement mode organic electrochemical transistors
Bas van Gorkum Master Student 01-03-2018 N-doped [60]PCBM as electron transport layer in hybrid perovskite solar cells
Alessia SenesPhd Defense24-05-2018Orientation of transition dipole moments in solution processed small molecular emitters
Bardo BruijnaersPhd Defense28-06-2018lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells
Feilong LiuPost-Doc30-07-2018
Miriam Mas MontoyaPost-Doc24-05-2018
Mike WangPost-Doc30-04-2018
Pieter van ThielUndergraduate Student09-04-2018Tin oxide nanoparticles as a new recombination layer for polymer tandem solar cells
Yuze LiUndergraduate Student07-06-2018Transient electroluminescence in lead halide perovskite solar cells
Edward ImhofMaster student13-08-2018“Measuring charge transfer states in organic bulk heterojunction solar cells”
Ameneh Najafi PhD Defense 25-09-2018Emergent Magnetism in Intercalated Epitaxial Graphene by Hydrogen and Tungsten
Vikas Negi PhD Defense 26-09-2018Exploring the process-structure-property relationship of organic solar cells by high performance computer simulations
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