Xander de Vries



In 2015 I received my master degree in chemistry at the Radboud university in Nijmegen, I specialized in physical chemistry. During my master project I worked on theoretical/experimental astrochemistry, first in Nijmegen at the subgroup of Herma Cuppen (theory) and later in Professor Blakes’ group at Caltech (experiment). I worked on kinetic Monte Carlo models of ice growth in interstellar dust grains, and later on Terahertz spectroscopy on crystalline and amorphous phases of interstellar ices.

In 2015 I started my PhD in the group of Prof. R.A.J Janssen, were I am currently studying excitonic processes in OLEDs under the supervision of Prof. P.A. Bobbert. I employ kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to model the excitonic processes in OLED devices.